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Areas of coverage

NUM3RUS offers consulting support in all areas of the sourcing lifecycle:

Strategy / Pre-Negotiation / Negotiation / Transition / Control

Typical project deliverables are:

  • Contractual & management interdependency
  • Business need - cost vs. content
  • Fact & data based comparison
  • Make or buy decision analysis
  • Result driven approach
  • Expectation management
  • KPI design in every project-phase
  • RFx design
  • Yearly contract control and benchmark


The type of IT sourcing processes we are usually involved in are:

  • Sourcing contracts / full sourcing / multi-sourcing / outtasking
  • Single vendor software contracts (MS, SAP, Oracle, IBM, HP, etc.)
  • Single vendor hardware contracts (IBM, HP, Dell, Xerox, Canon, etc.)
  • Telecommunications contracts
  • Client strategy guideline: software + hardware
  • RFP support
  • SLA design
  • KPI design
  • Contract comparison
  • Contract engineering
  • Negotiation support

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