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Trust and the provision of high value services are at the core of our approach. Critical for the success of our projects is the application of transparent methodologies that allow our clients to apply the results within the context of their own assumptions. The methodologies used are contingent on the specific needs of each project.

We strongly believe that sourcing advisory should have an open outcome and that outsourcing should be one of the possible options but not a goal in itself. Therefore, Num3rus applies what we call fact-based sourcing. All strategic advise and all recommendations are crosschecked and quantified against a unique database of actual contract pricing details and mechanisms. The fact-based input coupled with the breadth of experience of NUM3RUS’ advisors provide clients with insightful recommendations and best-in-class contracts.

Furthermore, NUM3RUS believes that successful and lasting sourcing agreements can only be achieved when clients and suppliers focus on performance and measurement criteria that benefit both parties. In the same vein, we view our relationships with our clients as long term partnerships. In our view sourcing is a journey and the sourcing life-cycle is a continuum, therefore lasting partnerships are essential to achieve clients’ business goals in an ever more competitive world.

In the context of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our consultants and certified Data Protection Officers are using the same systematic approaches and their experience in the areas of transacting data protection, data security and the in depth evaluation and negotiation of contractual Issues attached to legal requirements of the data protection agreements in the numerous contracts that have to be reviewed to comply with GDPR.

We appreciate that each client is a unique and complex entity and requires a project manager who understands its cultural peculiarities and dependencies and is able to support the client locally while drawing on the best domain expertise available to deliver successful projects.

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