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NUM3RUS Germany
Carmenstrasse 9
40549 Duesseldorf

+49 (0) 211 171 8756

Fernando Fernandez

Managing Partner

Fernando FernandezFernando Fernandez founded NUM3RUS in 2010. He joined Experton in 2008 after 10 years with Gartner as Associate Director. Prior to that he worked in different technical and consulting functions in the utility industry.

Mr. Fernandez has more than 15 years of practical experience in the fields of information technology management and consulting. Through his various roles, he has focused on cost benefit analyses and strategic vendor management.

Mr. Fernandez also holds responsibility for license and asset management and assessments and successfully brings together IT and other business units in order to realize cost savings by providing systematic support to clients in demand management and the negotiating process with suppliers. This includes analysing proposals and their underlying contractual documentation, developing a negotiation strategy based on the client’s IT strategy and the vendors’ roadmaps, developing negotiation, reviewing supplier feedback and evaluating final offers up to the stage of execution of contracts.

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